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PAWMA Camp 2018 

Thursday August 16-Sunday August 19

YMCA Camp Loma Mar
9900 Pescadero Creek Road, Loma Mar, CA 94021

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Over 150 women and girls attended
PAWMA Camp 2017: The World is Our Dojo

Camp Sealth –Vashon Island, WA, September 15-18

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Handouts for classes 

PAWMA Camp 2017 attendees - click for larger image

Teachers and Classes offered at PAWMA Camp 2017

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Class handouts

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Sifu Restita DeJesus
  • Knife Throwing
Sensei Delina Fuchs
Sensei Nerissa Freeman
  • Self Care for All Martial Artists
  • Saru to Kuma no Maki
  • No Gi Throws
Master Terri Giamartino
  • Weapons Defense
  • Setting up an Anti-Bullying Program
Shifu Koré Grate
Sifu Emmy Highsmith
Sifu Mariko Highsmith
Sifu Melinda Johnson
  • Kajukenbo Street Fighting Combinations 1 & 2
  • Kajukenbo Sticky Hands
Julie Kirby
  • Gracie Jiu-jitsu Cross Side Position
  • Gracie Jiu-jitsu Back Mount
  • Gracie Jiu-jitsu Sparring
Sifu Debbie Leung
Coach Kathy Long
  • Introduction to Striking in Kickboxing
  • Basics and Blocks of Kickboxing
  • Counter Drills in Sparring
Michele Miller
Heather Coyle
  • Six Harmonies Sword
  • Sil Lum Sparring Set
  • Pilates Mat 
Renshi Lori O'Connell
  • Low-Level Force Solutions for Self-Defense
  • Contact Referencing: A Western Fencing Concept Applied to Unarmed Martial Arts
  • Open Guard: Practical Applications for Self-Defense and Competition
Sifu Jen Resnick
Contra-Mestra Tigresa
  • Capoeira Regional 101
  • Capoeira Regional 201
  • Introduction to Maculele
Sifu Zoey Zotigh
  • Introduction to the Self-defense Empowerment Model
  • Physical Technique Options
  • Quick Hands

The Latest from PAWMA News

The World is Our Dojo

Lynn Keslar, 2017 Board President

Sifu Lynn Keslar
Photo courtesy of Lynn Keslar.

Dear members of the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists:

The 2017-2018 PAWMA board was convened at the end of last year, after a generously managed transition from the prior board, led by President Sonya Richardson (Sigung) and Vice President Nikki Smith (Sensei). They have remained available to us since then to answer any question and run down any detail. I know that they are committed to our success and the ongoing success of our organization. The long hand-off, the generosity of the prior board, their deep knowledge and love of their arts and fellow practitioners, reminds us that as women we bring connection to the table. We are at our best when we are holding each other up, and out, so that our gifts can deepen and be shared and our desires for the world and ourselves in the world can be realized.

The new board has been fully engaged in bringing to life the many pieces of training camp, from the location and logo, to insurance and the schedule. So far, decisions have been met with inspiration. We are happy to be together and working on behalf of our sister warriors, women of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, abilities, religious beliefs, genetic sequences, and favorite movie references. We are bonded by the firm commitment to, above all, an organization devoted to the dignity and equality of everyone, all enjoying the thrill of a rigorous practice.

The new board is: Lynn Keslar as president, Aminta Steinbach as vice president, Leslie Lippard as treasurer, Restita de Jesus as secretary (continuing from the prior board), Ellen Morrison, Tyler LePard, Gin Yang, and Mary Lynn Morales as fearless, brilliant colleagues. We want our work together to offer opportunities for everyone to develop in leadership, so as much as possible we are sharing responsibilities and sharing knowledge. Our hope is that in the important ways we will speak with a single voice as a Board.

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19 Jul 2018 • Naperville IL
16 Aug 2018 • YMCA Camp Loma Mar, Loma Mar CA

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At PAWMA, we believe that the martial arts have special value for women, whether pursued for self-expression, self-protection, spirituality, or physical health. We are committed to encouraging women and girls to train, and to promoting an atmosphere of respect and support for women martial artists of all styles. Membership is open to everyone who supports the full and active participation of women in the martial arts.

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