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The 37th Annual PAWMA Camp

PAWMA Camp 2014

Diversity, Empowerment, Community

September 19 - 22 • Aldersgate Retreat Center, Turner, Oregon

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Nestled among 38 forested acres in the heart of Oregon's beautify Willamette Valley, in Turner, Oregon, will provide for a fantastic all inclusive camp for women and girls, whether new to martial arts or seasoned practitioners. We welcome all levels to join us!

(Just outside Salem, about an hour's drive south of Portland.)
7790 Marion Rd SE
Turner OR 97392

PAWMA Camp 2014 Teachers

 Sifu Aarin Burch Kajukenbo
 Sifu Robin Dahlberg Shaolin Kung Fu
 Michele Elefante Sensei Shorin-Ryu Karate
 Sensei Delina Fuchs Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
 Shifu/Sensei Kore Grate Wu Chien Pai
 Sifu Lynn Keslar Kajukenbo, Doce Pares Escrima
 Dara Masi Shihan Hakkoryu Jujutsu
 Lori O'Connell Sensei Can-Ryu-Jiu-Jitsu
 Sifu Sana Shanti Tai Chi
 Sifu Gin Yang Kajukenbo
 Jamie Zimron Sensei Aikido

PAWMA Camp 2014 logo by Lori Fischer

Thanks to all who submitted wonderful logo proposals. We were awed by your creativity. Kudos to Tyger Abuan, Robin Dahlberg, and Tracy Reith. This year's beautiful logo was created by artist Lori Fischer. Be sure to order your shirts as  you register for camp.

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Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh
Are you a woman or girl training in the martial arts? Do you want to support women and girls training in the martial arts?

Do you enjoy experiencing other martial arts, and sharing your own?

Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh
Are you moving and looking for a school or teacher in your new location?

Are you a beginning student
and want to experience a variety of styles before you settle on one?

Are you an advanced student and want to reinvigorate your training or train with other master teachers?

Photo: Bonnie Loshbaugh

At PAWMA, we believe that the martial arts have special value for women, whether pursued for self-expression, self-protection, spirituality, or physical health. We are committed to encouraging women and girls to train, and to promoting an atmosphere of respect and support for women martial artists of all styles. Membership is open to everyone who supports the full and active participation of women in the martial arts.

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