Hard and Soft, Working Together, Become Complete
Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists

Uniting and empowering a diverse community
of women and girls in the martial arts.

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Mailing Address 1044 Euclid Ave
Berkeley, CA 94708
Emails info@pawma.org for general questions about PAWMA
camp@pawma.org for questions about PAWMA's annual training camp
websensei@pawma.org or admin@pawma.org for website technical support
membership@pawma.org for membership or registration questions
teacherselection@pawma.org for questions regarding camp instructor selection and process

2017 Board of Directors President - Lynn Keslar  president@pawma.org
Vice President- Aminta Steinbach vicepresident@pawma.org
Secretary - Tyler LePard secretary@pawma.org
Treasurer - Leslie Lippard treasurer@pawma.org
Mary Lynn Morales
Ellen Morrison
Gin Yang
Elder Counsel - Sonya Richardson
 Newsletter Editor

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