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Uniting and empowering a diverse community of women and girls in the martial arts

We welcome all women and girls including individuals who are transgender, non-binary or self-identify as female. We aim to make our training spaces as accessible and inclusive as possible for our diverse community. Please contact us if you are wondering if this is a good program for you or your youth. 

PAWMA Camp 2020, "Connect · Activate · Engage" is Going Virtual!

Friday, September 11 - Sunday, September 13

Are you ready to "Connect · Activate · Engage"? PAWMA's 43rd annual training camp connects our community online, activates new ways of training, and engages us to show up boldly in the world around us.

We are excited to recreate camp online with a talented roster of instructors, opportunities for learning and exploration in our Annual Meeting and racial justice sessions, and the not-to-be-missed Demo Night!

There are two ways to register for this year's online camp:

  • Individual Registration: Pay on a sliding scale with suggested donations ranging from $0 to $500. Please donate what you can and are moved to.


  • Flat Rate School Registration: Schools pay a flat rate of $500, and anyone from that school can attend camp. If your school makes a donation of $500, please still register as an individual and choose the $0 option on the suggested donation sliding scale.

Things are a little different this year. Because we are not holding an in-person camp, we are dipping into our reserves to maintain normal year-round operations. And while hosting an online camp is certainly budget friendly, we still incur some expenses.

We also have big dreams: to pay our teachers well, to build up our reserves so we can offer free camps and reduced-rates for future camps to anyone who needs it, and to recoup our losses from canceling camp.

We are also thinking hard about how PAWMA can engage in meaningful work to address anti-Black racism within our organization and adjacent communities, and are committed to funding that work. (Stay tuned for details, and an upcoming call to engage!) The more donations we bring in, the more we can allocate towards racial justice work.

Want a PAWMA 2020 T-shirt, hoodie, mask, mug, or onesie?! We have an online store with this year's camp logo, where you can buy any swag your heart desires. 

Check it out and get your gear now so you can wear it online if you want!

Thank you for being an integral part of the PAWMA community and keeping us going all these years. We look forward to seeing you online!

The Latest from PAWMA News

Adaptations Beyond
Sparring: Pandemic Edition

By Sifu Robin Dahlberg

Ascension Martial Arts, San Jose, CA

As martial artists, many of us train to spar. We take the forms and techniques we've learned, and try them in a somewhat unpredictable setting. That can mean breaking forms apart, moving at different speeds, varying the height of our attacks and defenses, changing our vectors, and occasionally making something up on the spot.

This same practice gives us the skills to work with the ever-changing landscape that is our current reality with COVID-19. First came the social distancing. How well do we know our own range according to the length of our limbs or the distance of a jump? Now we can map that to the new 6-foot rule between people. It's relatively easy in a large space with few people. But what kind of movements or body language can you employ to maintain distance when there's a line for the store?

More about how Sifu Robin applies social distancing to training »

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